Characteristics of fermentation process in high temperature aerobic fermentation machine

The treatment of organic fertilizer is a technical activity. Although there are many methods for the treatment of organic fertilizer, everyone wants to treat organic fertilizer in a fast and environmentally friendly way.
The structure features of high temperature aerobic fermentation machine: cylindrical container, spiral belt stirring blade and transmission parts; The cylinder structure ensures the small resistance movement of the mixed materials (powder and semi-fluid) in the cylinder. The positive and negative rotating screw bars are installed on the same horizontal shaft to form a low power mixed environment. The spiral ribbon blades are generally made of two or three layers. The outer spiral will collect the materials from both sides, and the inner spiral will transport the materials from both sides, which can make the materials form eddy current in the flow. The mixing speed is accelerated and the mixing uniformity is improved.
The outstanding characteristics of the high temperature aerobic fermentation machine are: stainless steel is used at the contact with materials, which is corrosion resistant; The tank body adopts double-layer thermal insulation structure, which can operate normally in winter; It is equipped with a ventilation and stirring device, which greatly improves the fermentation speed and quality.

Main features:

1. The treatment process consumes less energy and has low operation cost; Make full use of space and occupy a small area;

2. High degree of automation, PLC and upper computer are combined to realize remote control;

3.The treatment process is completely closed without secondary pollution;
high temperature aerobic fermentation machine is used for continuous high temperature aerobic fermentation of sewage sludge. The process adopts the principle of biological deep fermentation dehydration. The sludge is added from the top of the silo, and the fermented material is spirally discharged from the bottom. The whole fermentation process is forced ventilation and oxygen supply by the high-pressure fan at the bottom of the silo to maintain the oxygen required for aerobic fermentation of materials in the silo. The fresh sludge with a moisture content of 60% - 80% is treated into organic soil with a moisture content of about 35%. The organic soil produced by treatment can be used as nutrient soil for municipal road greening, economic forest, soil improvement, etc. to realize resource utilization.

The high temperature aerobic fermentation machine developed by Qingdao Zeyu Kaisheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has changed the traditional tank fermentation process, improved production efficiency, and produced organic fertilizer products to a higher level.