How to scientifically build a pig farm groove?

The pig's hoof is divided into two forks, and there is no joint. Of course, it cannot be grasped like monkeys and orangutans. Therefore, when eating, the trotters can not help much. This long mouth is done, and this mouth is like a small earth digging machine.

Wild pig is an arched expert. Because many of their love foods grow underground, such as the rhizomes of various plants. The fish in the mud pond is also a kind of food that wild boars love. If you want to get these foods, the wild boar must first rely on its sensitive sense of smell, find the location of the food, and then use its arched specialty.

After domesticated the pigs, the mouth is much shorter than the wild boar, but the habit of like to arch the arch is still retained. This habit is indispensable for survival in the wild, but under artificial breeding conditions, it is not a good habit. It is easy to cause waste in this food. When the pigs eat things, they always like to arch deep into the depths, so that the feed is easy to be arched outside, causing waste. The current feed price is quite high. If it is a large -scale pig farm, this waste is not small. Gong is the nature of pigs, and it is not easy to change. If you want to solve this waste, you can only find a way on this groove.

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