Advanced pig farming equipment-Pig Water Drink Waterfall

Now more and more advanced Pig Feeder Equipment such as pigs use automatic water drinks. Now the pig farm is not in the past, but to maintain the operation of the entire pig farm by the machine. Previously, watering to pigs is actually a high -intensity job, which is a great challenge for pig farmers. And prevent drinking water in the pigpen, it is easy to be polluted, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of pigs. Now there is an automatic pig drinking heater on the market, letting pigs learn to drink water. How does it operate?

First of all, unlike the traditional water diversion device, pigs use automatic drinking water heaters to choose from different sizes of pigs. The piglets use small automatic drinking water heaters. Big pigs and Chinese pigs need large pig automatic drinking water heaters, and the water heater can change the height according to the weight of the pig.
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